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"We have tried most of the Boulder house cleaning services and various individual maid services and find MAID FOR YOU to be by far the highest quality and also superior in communication and in tailoring to our needs! They blow everyone else away!" -Sandra White

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning in Boulder County

Paul - Owner of MAID FOR YOU Hello! My name is Paul Archer.  I started MAID FOR YOU, a boulder house cleaning company, to put myself through college and have since perfected the process of house cleaning and keeping everything high quality and streamlined.  Now we are Boulder County’s best house cleaning and maid service. 

We are passionate about the environment and use mostly eco – friendly products. 

When choosing whom you would like to clean your house, you usually only have two choices – large companies or individual maids. Each type of service has major drawbacks! 

At MAID FOR YOU, we are small enough to give you the personalized cleaning service you would receive from an individual maid, but large enough to give you the reliability and dependability you need. We are extremely committed to serving you with integrity, reliability and personal service. 

What else makes us the best service for you?

  1. We have 100’s of thrilled references to pass along to you!
  2. We have a wonderful reputation for integrity, thoroughness and reliability!
  3. We are committed to personal service and tailoring your cleaning to your exact needs!
  4. We love pets and take great care to be very pet – friendly!
  5. We have thoroughly trained and screened staff who work on a system of bonuses for maintaining our excellent standards!
  6. We have 100’s of thrilled references to pass along to you!
  7. We pay our staff by the hour, which, combined with our bonus structure, encourages our staff to not leave until the house is cleaned to your and our standards!
  8. Again, we use mostly environmentally – friendly products!
  9. Since we are not a large corporate franchise, we keep our costs low and our process very personal and simple. These savings are passed along to our customers!
  10. We have been locally owned since we began – in 1991!
  11. We give free in -home estimates and can also give you an estimate over the phone in 5 minutes!
Committed to Personal Service!

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