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"We have tried most of the Boulder house cleaning services and various individual maid services and find MAID FOR YOU to be by far the highest quality and also superior in communication and in tailoring to our needs! They blow everyone else away!" -Sandra White


Eco-Friendly House Cleaning in Boulder County

Paul - Owner of MAID FOR YOU

Hello! We have been serving all of Boulder County since 1991.  We have studied cleaning for decades and have refined our craft so we can deliver superior cleaning and customer service and maximize how easy we can make everything for you!   


Now we are Boulder County’s best house cleaning, maid, and janitorial service. We serve Boulder, Niwot, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Erie, Broomfield, Northglenn, Westminster, Lyons, the entire Longmont area, Berthoud, and the mountains close to Boulder. 

We are passionate about the environment
and mostly use eco – friendly products.

When choosing whom you would like to clean your house, you usually only have two choices – large companies or individual maids. Each type of service has major drawbacks! 

At MAID FOR YOU ECO HOUSE CLEANING, we are small enough to give you the personalized cleaning service you would receive from an individual maid, but large enough to give you the reliability you need.

We are extremely committed to serving you with integrity, reliability, kindness, thorughness and personal service! 


What else makes us the best service for you?


  • We have been in business since 1991 and have hundreds of thrilled clients and references.


  • We are very picky about whom we hire!  We hire about one person for every 60 that apply and only hire people with great character and integrity and energy.


  • We are extremely committed to an uncompromising level of integrity, thoroughness, kindness and communication!  


  • We use eco-friendly products (except Comet which we use in the toilet and shower / tub floor to  get bacteria. We will use a Comet alternative if you like).


  • We use HEPA filter vacuums with world-class suction. Very few services provide this!


  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are ever not pleased with something, we will come back the same day or the next day to fix it. (This happens rarely, but if it does, we got your back)!


  • We are insured and bonded and pay all our payroll taxes, income taxes and workers’ compensation.


  • Pretty much every other individual maid or cleaning service in the world pays the same way: the person cleaning your home gets the same amount of money, regardless of how much time they spend in your home. This promotes rushing and corner-cutting!  This is huge problem in the entire industry!


  • We pay our staff hourly, plus several different bonuses based on their performance, which greatly incentivizes them not to leave your home until it is up to your standards (and ours)!  And we pay them a living wage! 


  • We are not a franchise and don’t pay a franchise fee.  We are large enough to be reliable, but small enough to be very personal and tailor to your needs. 


  • We consistently price compare, and we are less expensive than almost all companies and individual maids because we are so efficient, experienced, and use such high-quality products.


  • We are easy to reschedule with!  (We greatly appreciate as much notice as you can give us for foreseeable reasons to reschedule). A lot of services charge approximately $50 to reschedule.


  • Individual maids are basically impossible to reschedule with because they are just one person, thus every morning and afternoon is already booked.  Also, they have to cancel a lot due to themselves: being sick, or car problems, or vacation, or important appointments they may have.  (I know because I was one for many years, and I have heard this from a lot of our clients who had previous maids).    


  • We usually answer the phone right away and have excellent, clear communication.  You won’t have to deal with bots or AI systems for customer service. 


  • We are very pet-friendly!


  • We have a permanent offer of 75% OFF for one of your recurring cleanings for EACH client you refer us to that becomes a recurring client.  (We do certain commercial cleanings, so please refer us to businesses as well, and perhaps to the business you work for).     


  • We give free estimates over the phone in approximately 5 minutes, or can do an in-home estimate.

Committed to
Personal Service!

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We Tailor to Your Needs!


Committed to 
Thoroughness, Reliability & Integrity!


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