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"We have tried most of the Boulder house cleaning services and various individual maid services and find MAID FOR YOU to be by far the highest quality and also superior in communication and in tailoring to our needs! They blow everyone else away!" -Sandra White

How Do We Compare to Individual Maids
And Large Franchises?

  • We don’t pay franchise fees or have an expensive office or overhead, so we can beat the price of most companies while paying our staff well.
  • We pay our staff by the hour, so your home gets the proper time each cleaning deserves, and to prevent rushing through. We pay them an excellence bonus every day only if they maintain our standards of thoroughness. We pay them profit-sharing so they approach their work like an owner of the company.
  • We provide wonderful personal service, and on each cleaning our staff has detailed notes about every aspect of your house and needs.
  • We are far more reliable than individual maids as we will never miss a cleaning because of a personal situation, car troubles, illness or vacation.
  • We offer you the protection of paying the payroll taxes and workers’ compensation. By law, if you hire domestic help over $600 per year, you have to pay these if the person is not paying them. We are also bonded and insured.

The Major Disadvantages of Large Franchises 

  • They do not give your home the degree of personal attention that we do.
  • They almost always pay their staff a fixed amount per job, which encourages them to rush.
  • Pay them the same no matter the quality of the job, which doesn’t motivate them to do an excellent job.
  • Have a franchise fee and more overhead and are usually quite a bit more expensive.

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