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"We have tried most of the Boulder house cleaning services and various individual maid services and find MAID FOR YOU to be by far the highest quality and also superior in communication and in tailoring to our needs! They blow everyone else away!" -Sandra White

House Cleaning Lyons

These days it can be tough to find a individual maid or a large domestic cleaning services company who is willing to service the needs of home owners in the small mountain towns around Boulder. The truth is that most maids can not attract enough business in a small town to keep them busy enough and large companies don’t want to go too far out of their area of business because it’s not worth it. But what about a mid-sized cleaning company? Now that’s another story… Maid For You is the only cleaning company that services the Lyons Colorado area just outside of Boulder at an affordable rate. This is because Maid For You understands the value of customers who appreciate serves that otherwise aren’t available to them.

Our company specializes in providing high quality cleaning services in Lyons and the areas surrounding Boulder. Our company has been in business for over 20 years and it really shows. Our professional business management team and talented employees ensure satisfaction every step of the way, making sure that your experience is smooth the whole way through.

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